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Factors To Consider When Constructing Sheep Yards

Sheep are animals that can be difficult to tame. They become a real pain in the neck without the proper handling facilities. You might even begin to hate them. They tend to go the wrong way and act confused.

They are animals that don’t make the best decisions. They get so focused on themselves that they wander right into danger. And, as such, very incapable of taking care of themselves. But all of this can be controlled and effectively managed by constructing sheep yards

Are you tired of bending over sheep and sustaining back or knee injuries? Or perhaps you are new to sheep farming and have thought out ways to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Then, you’re probably considering constructing a sheep’s yard. We would be adding to that brilliant idea as we have compiled several factors to consider when making one.

  • Avoid Dead Ends Or Sharp Corners

When constructing sheep yards, avoid dead ends or sharp corners in your design. Sheep do not like to lose sight of the rest of the flock. They love moving together, so it’s best you use similar routes, and there is no blocked path separating one from the other.

  • Use See-Through Gates

Another vital thing to consider in sheep yards construction is transparency and see-through gates. Sheep need to see brightly ahead of them. So in their flight process, these gates provide a clear route for them to face the direction you need them to follow.

  • Size And Spacing

Broad and costly surfacing is not required when constructing yards. It should be big enough to hold the biggest flock with a low ratio of at least one square meter per sheep. Pathways used in moving them from storage to work areas should be spacious and built of strong and visible material.

Entrance into sheep yards should be wide as the flock would need plenty of room. It should be constructed above the ground with a loading ramp or stairs to the entrance, which should be 2.4 to 3 metres wide. Spacing should be so that every sheep has its gap.

  • Site Location

Proximity is an essential factor to consider when constructing sheep yards. The location should be a high and well-drained area with facilities. It would be best if you facilitated it with electricity and water. The opening side of the shelter should face the south as it is away from strong winds. 

Avoid steep grounds so that chances of suppressing sheep to lower fences are reduced. Always go for flat sites or levelled lands with no slope effects. Also, ensure there is adequate Security around the area.

Sheep yards are significant when it comes to managing a flock. When constructing one, it is essential to do that in a good location and levelled site. It should be as accommodating and spacious as possible for sheep to wander freely.

They truly can be dumb animals, and getting proper sheep yards is paramount. We assure you that following this procedure and considering the factors highlighted above would create a conducive shelter for your flock and make your rearing process easier.