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Your Guide to Getting a Blood Test Online

Doing a blood test online has never been easier, and it makes getting an examination much more convenient than going into the medical centre in person.

Rather than having to wait in the clinic for your doctor to give you a referral and then travel to the lab, doing the procedure digitally offers a much simpler approach. All you have to do is select a lab, create an account, send a sample to the lab through the mail and get your results via email or on their website. While it’s not a replacement for a complete health check with your GP, it does offer a convenient alternative for getting an examination done.

This article outlines everything you need to know about getting a blood test online.

How to do it

Choose a service to analyse your sample and contact them. They should be partnered with several labs nationwide so that you can choose the lab closest to you. You can choose to have your sample taken at the lab (without the need for an appointment or referral), or some services will allow you to send a finger prick sample via post. You may need to fast beforehand depending on the kind of blood test online examination you’re doing. The process of taking a sample usually only takes around 5 minutes, making it quick and easy. You should receive your results in 1-2 days either by email or on their website. They should also provide you with relevant comments or suggestions on next steps.

Why do it

The main benefit of doing a blood test online is that they are convenient. This means you can have one done whenever you want and at a cheaper cost than having to visit your GP for a referral. Some reasons you might want to book one include checking your health before and after beginning a new diet, assessing your body before running a marathon, or to assess how a new prescription medication is affecting you. Some services also provide DIY kids to make the process even easier, allowing clients to collect the sample themselves and mail it out.

Additionally, doing a blood test online allows you to personalise it yourself. You are able to conduct any exam you want, from lactose intolerance to tuberculosis, and design it according to your desires and needs. This gives you greater control over your health and body.       

But are websites trustworthy?

It can take a bit of convincing before people get on board with the idea of doing a blood test online. Given that licensed doctors exist for a reason, why should we be able to go straight to the lab ourselves? Well, in order for you to do so, the service must first be approved by a licensed professional. This ensures quality and authenticity. Some services will also offer video consultations with a registered doctor to give you extra support and guidance around what your results mean and what to do about them.

While no replacement for a GP, digital services are useful for those who want to check their health status from the convenience of their own home. This is especially helpful for people who live in rural areas where travelling to the medical centre is difficult. However, if you are unclear about what your results mean or what to do about them, don’t hesitate to visit your local GP for clarification. Doing a blood test online empowers people to be more proactive about their health, but it is important to be aware of the risks associated with doing so.