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Benefits of Transitioning To The Sunny Boy Inverter

Consumers by and large don’t expend much time or energy weighing up the merits of solar inverters.

Once the panels have been installed onto the roof, they are left to operate on a self-sustainable level before being interrupted by the occasional maintenance repair or system upgrade.

They do play a key role by transitioning the direct current (DC) into AC electricity that the household can utilise, but why should anyone study the topic in any great depth?

The best sunny boy inverter has been one of the market leaders in this domain, being developed by expert German manufacturers SMA.

Their history with photo-voltaic technology and crafting on-grid and off-grid connections and backup supplies is renowned, but the major benefit is to understand how this development applies to real people in the real world.

Smart Tracking Technology

The web interface that is issued through the sunny boy inverter gives users an up close and personal perspective of the performance of the product. This real time monitoring is one of the central selling points for the brand, connecting to nearby smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops to showcase energy consumption rates and notifications of any faults in the system. In 2019 this is a crucial asset to own, allowing individuals to log on to their home device and check the process without having to physically travel to the inverter itself.

5-Year Minimum Warranty Protection

Should the sunny boy inverter be compromised in any shape or form, SMA will have the consumer covered for at least a period of 5 years. The business will be notified of any damage or fault and be able to issue a full replacement free of charge within the span of 5 working days. If this protection is deemed short of expectations, users can purchase an additional 5 years for a comprehensive 10-year warranty agreement.

Australian Expertise and Customer Service

It is all well and good investing in grand German technology, but without a local footprint there will be added costs and delays as logistics can be lost in translation. That is not the case with the sunny boy inverter, seeing SMA create their own Australian footprint for domestic consumers down under. This benefit allows local consumers to speak to Australians on the ground, making inquiries and sourcing bookings for quotes, inspections, maintenance and installation tasks.

Basic Installation

two men installing solar panels

Amid the smart tracking technology, warranty protection and quality customer service, surely the sunny boy inverter has some strings attached? Well they certainly cannot be found with the installation task. This is a simple exercise with a lightweight 17.5kg product only requiring installation from one operator. Their small size and minimal weights makes it optimal to place in a variety of locations outside the home depending on suitability.

Quality Track Record

The stats and figures truly do speak far better than any marketing slogans or materials that SMA could offer for the sunny boy inverter. For Australian residents, this is a product that has a failure rate below 1%, using the best in German efficiency and standing tall against competing brands across the globe. The product has been installed across some of the most historic sites on the planet, including The Vatican and The White House, illustrating that it is supported and backed by the most prestigious of landmarks.


Once the solar panels have been installed and established on a property, the next move that would be advisable is investing in a brand new sunny boy inverter. SMA have proven themselves to be a reliable provider in this market without suffering from many of the pitfalls of their competitors.