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Hot Water Cylinder and Hard Water!

When it comes to hot water cylinder, damages are common in the areas where people have to put up with hard water. Residential water supply systems have been affected due to this. So if you own a hot water cylinder, then you need to be aware of this problem. Whether it is old one or a new installation of rheem hot water cylinder, hard water has created problems. We are going to take closer look at how hard water is harmful to hot water cylinder. There have been several media reports suggesting the same. Hot water cylinder damage was happening widespread due to hard water. If you think that a regular hot water cylinder repair service will fix it, then you cannot be more wrong on this. 

Saving your hot water cylinder 

  • First and foremost, you need to check the cylinder pressure. 
  • Most people have no clue as how to check the pressure. If you don’t learn how to check pressure, then you are inviting all sorts of troubles. 
  • If you learn how to maintain your existing hot water cylinder, you will be able to keep lot of problems at bay.  
  • You need to check the water pressure once or twice every month to understand how it works.

The anode problem 

Yes, the anode problem is quite common. You will have to replace it more often than you think. Hard water has heavy content. And it is not good for anode. How do you tackle this problem? We would suggest you to have a sacrificial anode in place at all times so that you can deal with this. If you don’t have one, then you are inviting trouble for no reason. We recommend that you talk to a professional whatever be the problem. He will be able to help you. An experienced professional can offer lot of help that you need in this case. When you approach an experienced professional consider the problem to be solved. 

Find the right professional 

Whatever be the issue that you are dealing with regarding the hot water cylinder, it is better to consult a professional. You will come across plenty of good professional services in the Auckland area. Make sure that they have enough experience in the field handling similar problems. When you are in the presence of the right professional, you will be able to find a better solution to the problem. Look for testimonials around. Ask around. You can ask friends and family. If they had consulted somebody in the past then you consult the same person. In this case this professional will be trustworthy since it came from a personal recommendation. The service should have their own employees handling such complaints.  

Some services subcontract the work. You should not associate with such people at all. If the hot water cylinder still has warranty then you can approach the manufacturer. They will send professionals down to your place. And they will look into the issue that you are facing. The right professional fix all the issues associated with hot water cylinder.