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What Are Electrical Wholesalers?

The role of electrical wholesalers is basically to get the right product to the right customers, often in large quantities. Pricing and affordability is important for electricians trying to keep their costs reasonable. Electrical wholesalers usually offer the following core services:

Local warehousing for thousands of products

Most electrical wholesalers will order huge bulk quantities of products and then deliver them or package them to customers on an as needs basis. They act as a middle-man and streamline the ordering process for customers by helping them to avoid having to go directly to different manufacturers to try and find each and every product that they need. Providing a local source of supply often means that electrical wholesalers also play an important role in making sure that customers are able to quickly access the products they need because they don’t have to wait for products to be imported from overseas.

Offering flexible purchase options

Many electrical wholesalers offer a variety of purchase options including invoicing, credit or debit card purchase or even credit lines towards purchases. For businesses, this can be a life-saver and also helps to limit the financial risk of manufacturers who only needs to deal with one party rather than end-users and individual businesses – which also increases their efficiency.

Offering advice and training

One of the best things about working with electrical wholesalers is that they are an excellent source of information and advice about specific products and problems. They often have many years of experience and can offer the kind of tailored advice that customers won’t get from the web. They’re an excellent place to go for technical information, the possible application of different products, pricing of different items and their availability and any information about new items coming to market.

How do they work?


As a customer you can expect to work directly with employees to find the product you need – just like if you were walking into a hardware store. They will work with you to find the solution that works the best for you and your needs.

You might know exactly what you need or you might have a problem you need to solve, a good supplier will be able to offer the advice you need to get the perfect product for the job.

They also offer customer service after the point-of-sale, providing ongoing support and information to make sure you get exactly what they need from their products.

What industries do they work with?

Whilst their primary customer will be electricians and similar business they will also work with customers such as engineering firms, mining companies, industrials plants, utility businesses, government operations and individual customers to supply a wide variety of products such as wiring, lighting fixtures, advanced technology, sockets, light bulbs and power distribution.

What products do they provide?

You can expect to finds hundreds and even thousands of products available, everything from wiring and wiring accessories to cables, cable management systems, switchgear and distribution gear, control equipment and switches, lamps and lamp tubes, light bulbs, LEDs and LED lamps, solar accessories, fixtures, data and communication equipment, tools, industrial equipment and energy-saving products.

If you’re an electrician then it’s well worth it to spend some time researching your options when it comes to accessing products. The right provider will be able to provide you will the best advice and help you get access to the best and latest products.

If you need help finding a provider you trust, speak to them directly and ask plenty of questions as this will help you to get a sense of what to expect.