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What Type Of Household Problems Need Pest Control?

In living our everyday lives, it can be easy for us to miss the early signs of infestations of things like ants, termites and rats before they become an expensive ordeal. Often by the time one of the vermin is discovered they are hundreds or thousands more of them burrowed away nearby.

Needless to say, this type of problem requires that you invest in Defender Pest Control services to address it in a safe and efficient way. Attempting to address large-scale infestations on your own can prove highly expensive and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The following will take a look at some common infestations that, when discovered, necessitate pest control measures being take.



Rats are the posterchild of vermin infestations and it’s no secret why – they are one of the biggest spreaders of disease in human history being a part of what helped the black plague (bubonic plague) spread across Europe and kill almost everybody living there back in the middle ages.

The common signs of a rat infestation that requires immediate pest control include droppings, footprints, puddles of urine, teeth marks and a general foul smell. Also, rats are one of the bigger types of vermin you’ll probably catch scurrying away when you turn the lights on in the morning.

Rats are gross, smelly and should be exterminated upon first discovery. As you may know, rats breed incredibly fast and form colonies quickly, so the sooner you get rid of them the less expensive the whole process is going to be.

Fruit flys

Fruit flys infestations can often be found around, well, scraps of fruit left around. They can also commonly be found inside bathroom sinks as they feed on mould that builds up inside them. To get rid of them before hiring pest control becomes necessary, simply clear away your food scraps and pour some boiling water or ammonia down the drains to flush the infestation out.



Ew, right? Cockroaches are probably everyone’s least favourite infestation because they’re so common. Almost every homeowner in history has had to step on a cockroach or two in the past and while a few is common, a lot can be a sign they are breeding en masse inside your home.

In Australia, most cockroaches you encounter are going to be from one of three species:

German cockroaches (small)

Australia cockroaches (medium)

American cockroaches (medium to large)

A large-scale cockroach infestation will probably require some form of professional pest control to address. Cockroaches enjoy warm and damp climates, especially winter mould, so you can expect them in those environments.


Probably the most ‘annoying’ of all the nasties featured on this list, mosquitoes or ‘mozzies’ as they are colloquially known are a nightmare during Australian summers. How many nights have you been kept up by the buzzing of itchy biting of a single mosquito that refused to go away?

Pest control measures are necessary if you want to enjoy your summer barbeques without constantly swatting away mozzies. They are normally easily deterred by repellent sprays, rub on sticks or citronella candles.

There you have it, some of the most common household nasties that require you to invest in some form of pest control. As always, make sure you research any chemicals or poisons you intend to use and ensure you keep them out of the reach of children.