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Is FGASA Training Right For You?

FGASA training is a special program designed to train you as a professional field guide so that you can take tours groups on Safari adventures. While this may sound like a highly niche profession, it does have a lot involved and there is always room for another talented guide to join.

The good thing about FGASA training is that it also gives you skills you can take into any adventure tourism job you want – all over the world. The unique experience of this course gives you insight that you can’t find anywhere else and look incredible on your resume, even when you aren’t applying for a related job.

However, deciding to pursue FGASA training shouldn’t be an easy decision as the commitment of your time and money is significant. Spend some time thinking about it and ask yourself the following questions to see if FGASA training is going to be worthwhile for you.

Do you love animals?

Obviously, FGASA training would be a nightmare unless you absolutely love animals. Loving a family pet is one thing, but can you get down and dirty with a muddy elephant or a dusty zebra? This kind of course is all about you adjusting to the animal’s environment so that you can give tourists the best chance of seeing them up close and in their element.

Nobody is going to trust you as a guide if you’re going to sequel and run at the first sight of a rhino or lion. Obviously, large terrestrial animals and even small insects or reptiles can be dangerous or even deadly when mishandled and this is a risk you have to accept with this profession.

Are you a people person?

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One of the most important traits for anyone pursuing FGASA training is that they can be a charismatic leader of people. Without the ability to speak to a crowd and supervise them in a calm and professional manner you aren’t going to succeed and may end up getting someone hurt if you ever had to lead a safari group.

Tourists can be annoying – it’s true. However, some tourists you meet will absolutely make it all worthwhile as they swap stories and express gratitude to you for taking them on a once in a lifetime experience.

Your job is to ensure that the group remains safe and follows the rules. You are just as much there to protect the animals from the people as you are the people from the animals – you role is as a mediator between he natural and developed human world.

Are you physically fit or can you become physically fit?

Of course, FGASA training is going to demand a great deal of physical activity from you and you’ll have to endure the sometimes-blistering heat of the African safari as well as all the insects and other inconveniences of a sub-Saharan climate.

To be successful in FGASA training, you need to be able to run away from a charging rhino or a hungry lion. You need to be able to climb a hill to show tourists the path forward. You need to be able to run to rescue a tourists baby from a gorilla who wants to raise it as their own.

As you can see, there’s plenty to remember for anyone seeking to pursue FGASA training in the near future.