How to use colour in order to attract good feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient science which deals with the inhabitants and their homes. Feng shui  talks about the five elements. There are colours associated with each of those elements and the elements are associated with certain directions as well.

Here are some choices of colors to be used based on feng shui. These will help to create a harmonious feeling in the home.

The first element is fire. This reflects energy and passion and it is used to enhance the career as well as to get you recognition. It generates energy in the home. This is the element associated with the south area of either the office or home and since this area is dedicated to fire, the colours which can be used in the south of the home are red, orange, pink, yellow and purple.

The second element is Earth. This deals with stability as well as management and protection. It also helps to maintain the balance and health. This is associated with the south west as well as north east of either the office or the home. The colors associated with these are sandy colours such as earth or light yellow.

The third element is metal. This is associated with increasing preciseness as well as clarity and helps you to remove distractions and give you calmness and clarity. This is associated with the north area and the colours are grey and white.

Water is the element for calmness, purity and freshness. This is also used to denote  wealth. The direction associated with this element is the north as well as east and Southeast. The colours associated are black and blue.

Wood is the final element. This is associated with things such as health, growth and vitality. The direction associated is the south east and east. The colours associated are Brown and green.


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